quarta-feira, março 23, 2005

"Slow Food is an international movement which came into being in Paris in 1989.
The head of the condotta or convivium is the fiduciary or convivium leader, who, through the members and the central office, organizes food and wine events and initiatives, creates moments of conviviality, raises the profile of products and promotes local artisans and wine cellars. He also organizes tasting courses and Taste Workshops and promulgates new food and wine developments and knowledge of the products and cuisines of other areas. In short, he educates in matters of taste.
Local rootedness and decentralization (plus the ensuing conservation of typicality) - and without forgetting the voluntary nature of its representativesÕ contribution - are the most authentic characteristics of the movement, and the network of contacts it has built over the years represents without doubt its most valuable asset."

in www.slowfood.com

Foi preciso criar uma organização para fazer o que nós gostamos de fazer: jantas para apanhar fardas! Mas é interessante o conceito.

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