quarta-feira, abril 06, 2005

Reparem no disclaimer do site dos Mogwai:

"Disclaimer: Seriously, if you are easily offended or don't like opinions then please leave this site now. We will not be held responsible for our own views or the views of anyone else who writes words on these pages. It's all a bad joke and you're the punchline. Seriously, as soon as you go further than this page, it's all your problem. Seriously."


e esta:

Q:What about if you bitch about this: FcPorto3-2Celtic.Can't help remembering when you didn't want to sign a Porto scarf last time you came to Portugal.
A:can't help remembering inter milan humping your sorry champions league winning asses 4-2 in the last round you smug cunt. now that yer manager's gone there's not much to smile about is there? come on sporting clube!!!!!!


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