domingo, julho 17, 2005

From NationStates we invite your nation to come to:

Land of Pud
World Factbook Entry: Post Urbane Depressive land

A land of serene landscape since society has saved environment by applying cutting edge technology a few years ago.
A punk rock band is now in the government (EITS).
Philosophy and Arts became the most common ocupations.
Use of weed is widespread, providing prime matter for doing paper, building houses (stems from giant GM mutants), medicins and computer chips (built from remaining stems).
Music is now the official religion.
Time in Pudland is measured as how long an intense moment lasts.

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  1. isto apesar de ser virtual, não deixa de ser a nossa casa... e como tal deve estar arrumada. por isso bora lá apagar o post anterior, que não está ali a fazer nada...

  2. Agora tamos todos na região da boca :)