terça-feira, julho 05, 2011

You cannot complain about not finding authentic people while yourself you have not decided what you want to be.

We do not understand people that come to the deep ocean and run away once it becomes to scary. Like if it was a sporadic kick that you get while doing something radical. Of course we won't stay around you if you use us for the occasional excitement or distraction. Like if we were something cool to try. Nevertheless we give all of ourselves to everyone in the hope they will join us.

I can complain about the fact that there are less authentic people in this part of the globe because I want to immerse on them. We love and energize each other. We give! We create ENTROPY!!

Before you complain about lack of authenticity around yourself think of your own person. In which side of the line are you? Are you willing to give and not just take?

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