sexta-feira, janeiro 04, 2013

Passou ao lado de todos ou só eu é que estava a dormir?


(Pantha du Prince and Stephan Abry) 2012

"What Is This? We actually don't know but it is new and wonderful!" As one of the most successful artists in contemporary Techno Music Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince presents his new studio project together with Workshop's Stephan Abry: URSPRUNG.

After several studio sessions in the cold and charming winter of the Swiss Alps, Abry and Weber were driven deeper and deeper into some microcosm of sound to almost cut the edge to the myth. Influenced by Krautrock, the Ambient Music of Harold Budd and early Brian Eno, Avantgarde, and the minimalistic guitar sound of Durutti Collumn the URSPRUNG project can't resist to make the guitar a main source. coming together with highly futuristic sounds as we know from the researches of Pantha Du Prince. A truly unconventional structure of slowly growing beats hold this universe which came from the cold mountains together....

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  1. muito fixe, vou colocar na caixa

  2. Já está...e para o Kilas, tem Grails/Pharaoh Overlord - 2012 - Black Tar Prophecies Vol 5/Palmu Split!

  3. Boa Malha!
    A mim passou-me completamente ao lado!!

  4. :) o disco é óptimo e felizmente não me passou ao lado :)

  5. já saquei uma cópia do "elements of light"! vou colocar na cesta! :D

  6. ISSO! esse eu ando muito à espera!
    Thnx Kovas

  7. muito bom
    Obrigado malta.